Investing in people, serving our nation

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Investing in People, Serving our Nation

We are a different kind of government contractor.

Like many firms, our mission is to strengthen our nation’s security and assist our government customers in delivering on their mission objectives. Most importantly, we hire for talent, work ethic, and passion. We invest in our employees and support their career growth.

We look for people who are enthusiastic, team-oriented, confident, organized, and professional. We want people who choose to serve our customers because they want to help our country be the best it can be.

Meet Our Employees
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I have always felt that my program managers are responsive, flexible, and very willing to listen to any concerns that I may have about my projects. Additionally, I feel that Highlight is very interested in my professional development, and is willing to provide me with opportunities to grow.

Highlight takes care of its staff and provides them the flexibility to meet the customer needs while balancing it with the needs of the company.

Highlight promotes a positive environment for learning & growth. They hire the right people –
Professional, Educated, Coachable.

Why Employees Work at Highlight


Mission Focus:

We seek out customers and programs where we can help make a difference by contributing to important national security and government missions. We are passionate about doing the right thing for our customers and taxpayers, and the best employees for our company will share this mind-set.


Responsive Management and Open Communication:

Our employees have told us that they feel “management” and “communication” are key strengths of our company. We try to keep our employees informed about company news and opportunities, and solicit employee feedback when making decisions. As a small company, we are decisive and can make decisions quickly. Senior management is accessible and maintains direct communication with employees and customers.

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Professional Development:

Our managers work with each employee to define his or her professional goals and make a concrete plan toward achieving them. We then help by investing in education, training and certifications to help employees meet those goals.