About Us


A Framework for Success.

HI-WAY™ is our best practices framework that guides how we deliver services. It is our roadmap for ourselves and our customers – reflecting that we know the way to serve our customers and we know how to deliver customized, comprehensive solutions that produce positive outcomes. HI-WAY™ is designed, and continuously refined, to integrate industry best practices – all of our ISO certifications, CMMI Level 3, PMBOK, and lessons learned – to create a collaborative service delivery framework we use to serve our customers. HI-WAY™ ensures effective, efficient and sustainable outcomes that fulfill our customers’ critical missions. The framework is tailored to each program, leveraging the most applicable best practices without the burden of excessive process. Whether it’s for Development, secure IT, or mission support, these integrated best practices help us minimize risk and maximize results for our customers.

Central to HI-WAY™, are our ISO® 44001 and our ISO® 56002 certifications. ISO® 44001, for Collaborative Business Relationship Management, helps to ensure that all relevant stakeholders can effectively communicate and collaborate on our solutions. ISO® 56002, for Innovation Management, focuses on delivering business value tied to client goals and objectives. Highlight is the first company in the U.S. to hold ISO® 44001, and the first company in the world to hold ISO® 56002. HI-WAY™ increases buy-in, reduces risk and results in successful innovation and outcomes for our customers.