Leadership Team

Emilie Scantlebury

Director of Corporate Portfolio Development

Emilie has over six years of supporting the federal government consulting industry in various functions, including marketing, operations, pipeline management, partner management, and more. Today, Emilie serves as our Director for the Business Development Operations Team and oversees the end-to-end Business Development and growth process. Emilie manages our corporate pipeline and works closely with our Account and LOB leads to create, maintain, and report against yearly business development targets and goals. Additionally, she leads our partner relationships management and all platform partnerships (UiPath, Salesforce, A.W.S., Drupal, ServiceNow). 

She has a Bachelors in Communications from Towson University and is Google Analytics Advanced Certified. 

If Emilie were to have a superpower, it would be to Shapeshift. When she was a kid, her head was in the stars—she wanted to be an astronaut.