Minimize Risk. Maximize Results.

The fact is, most companies that provide technology services to the federal government treat their government customers just like their commercial customers. In order to take advantage of evolving market place best practices and capabilities, these companies become dependent on customers being able to adopt their solutions – rather than proposing the best-fit solutions for each customer.

Know Way. Know How.

Highlight is different. We only serve federal government customers and we’ve been doing it for over ten years. Whether for Development and Modernization, Secure IT, or Mission Solutions, we go to great lengths to tailor our solutions to each customer’s mission environment – understanding the needs of our customers, the current systems and procedures in place and the stakeholders involved in the mission. We design and deliver solutions that optimize current systems and procedures, produce buy-in and collaboration from stakeholders, and seamlessly advance the mission. And we don’t just say we do this; we have put in place a customer-centric framework of design and delivery that ensures success.

HI-WAY™ is our best practices framework that guides how we deliver our services. The framework was designed, and is continuously refined, to integrate industry best practices for program management, IT governance, technology implementation, risk management, and IT service management. These integrated best practices are tailored to the program and help us minimize risk and maximize results for all our government customers.