Development & Modernization

A Better Way to Move Government Forward

From agile systems development to big data collection and analytics to sustainment, developing and modernizing federal government software and systems requires a deep understanding of how our customers and their stakeholders work and a plan for integrating new systems into current operations without disruption.

Know Way. Know How.

With over ten years’ experience serving federal government customers, Highlight’s leadership team brings a level of maturity and hands-on management that is unique for a government services company of our size. Our understanding of the depth, complexity and real constraints — legal and regulatory, budget, technical and organizational — within each organization gives us the critical insights needed to successfully implement new technologies in a government environment.

We begin with a project launch plan that ensures we have the right people in place, as well as all the schedules and formal documentation that will guide us throughout the project. HI-WAY, our customer-centric best practices framework, guides how we deliver our services and ensures that we maintain collaboration and stakeholder engagement throughout the process. Key to our success is our focus on agility, continuity, quality, and release management, which ensures that current operations and security are not adversely impacted by development and that no issues are introduced upon release. The result: a seamless, non-disruptive integration of new systems technologies that minimizes risk and maximizes results.

Highlight Development and Modernization capabilities include:

  • Agile Systems Development
  • Big Data
  • COTS Integration
  • DevSecOps
  • Data Management & Analytics
  • GOTS Integration
  • Legacy System Maintenance & Modernization
  • Knowledge Management
  • SharePoint
  • Software Factories
  • ToolChain as a Service
  • UI/UX
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Classified Client – Highlight is changing the way an Agency views information. We are the center of excellence for UI/UX and are leading the way in research and design for more usable systems. Our team is driving Nielsen Norman best practices and employing leading edge tools to deliver a world class user experience. We know the way, and we know how to deliver excellence in classified environments.

US Army – Highlight is leading technology into the future for one of the world’s largest military bases. At Fort Benning, we are supporting daily user requirements while transforming their systems and architecture to a cloud based, agile portfolio of mission tools. The Internet of Things (IoT) informed solution provides real-time monitoring and control of embedded sensors and systems across more than 182,000 acres. We know the way, and we know how to transform enterprise IT portfolios.

FCC – Highlight is transforming the data platforms and information architectures of the FCC. Our dynamic team is simultaneously managing mission critical data platforms while designing and deploying the future of FCC data management. Employing the CMMI Data Management Maturity Model, we are creating a new playbook for data to enhance availability and reduce operating costs. We know the way, and we know how to translate CIO vision into enterprise reality.