Secure IT

How to Implement Security without Affecting Operations

Security requirements and the operations they protect are different for each of our federal government customers. There are no cookie-cutter solutions. Security must be integrated from the start, addressing the continual challenge to maintain the appropriate level of security that enables continued operations, while remaining scalable to anticipate future threats. These integrated secure IT operations solutions require a deep understanding of how the federal government operates in general, and how each of our customers operates in particular.

Know Way. Know How.

At Highlight, we have a ten-plus year track record of delivering secure IT solutions across multiple customer bases with varied security requirements. From Enterprise IT Operations to Cloud Services and Cyber Security, we have the experience, the cleared professionals and the best practices in place to deliver secure IT operations that meet the unique needs of each and every federal customer.

The process begins by gaining a thorough understanding of the mission requirements, the technology being used, how it is being used, who is using it, and the security requirements at each level of participation. Through requirements sessions and focus groups involving all stakeholders, we collaboratively develop a service catalog that is agreed upon and defines all the technologies and security requirements to be implemented. At Highlight, security is not a step in the process; it’s a continuum that is embedded through the entire life cycle of the project. The result: secure, customized IT solutions that allow our customers to operate at maximum efficiency and availability.

Highlight Secure IT capabilities include:

  • Audio Visual/ATC
  • Enterprise IT Operations
  • Cloud Services
  • Cybersecurity
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SPAWAR – Highlight is securing systems, managing inventory, and enhancing processes for USINDOPACOM. Our team implements enterprise security controls, designs networks, and supports C4ISR capabilities. Centered from our Hawaii office, and supported by our on-island team, we lead mission critical support across a portfolio of requirements. We know the way, and we know how to advance the national security mission.

DISA – Highlight is vigilantly ensuring DISA global operations by managing system availability, capacity, and continuity. We span from user front line support to hands on infrastructure management and strategy for enterprise knowledge management. Our team has transformed SharePoint systems, enhanced service level performance, and resolved mission critical issues nationwide. We know the way, and we know how to provide successful engineering in support of global mission capabilities.

US Army – Highlight is leading technology into the future for one of the world’s largest military bases. At Fort Benning, we are supporting daily user requirements while transforming their systems and architecture to a cloud based, agile portfolio of mission tools. The Internet of Things (IoT) informed solution provides real-time monitoring and control of embedded sensors and systems across more than 182,000 acres. We know the way, and we know how to transform enterprise IT portfolios.