Why Highlight

A Great Place to Work, Grow, and Achieve Together

Employees tell us there are four major reasons they enjoy working at Highlight: the quality and impact of our work; our commitment and investment in career growth; the involvement and accessibility of our management team; and our belief in a work-life balance.

Mission Focus

We seek out customers and programs where we can help make a difference by contributing to important national security and government missions. We are passionate about doing the right thing for our customers and citizens.

Professional Development

We are fully invested in the career growth and professional development of our employees. We work with each employee to map out a career path and development plan and provide mentoring, education and training to gain new skills and new opportunities for career fulfillment.

Responsive Management

Management and communication are key strengths of our company. We keep our employees informed about company news and opportunities and solicit employee feedback when making decisions. We are decisive and can make decisions quickly. Through monthly open houses, quarterly all-hands webinars, and in-person site visits, senior leaders are accessible and maintain direct communications with our employees and customers.

Work-Life Balance

We believe that employees who are happy with their work and their lives deliver better performance to our customers. In addition to excellent benefits, we support a work-life balance and encourage employees to apply their passion for service to the communities in which they live.

What Our Employees Say…

Highlight Leaders make an effort to tend to the individual needs and goals of each employee. Trust is built by open communication and the lengthy measures the company takes to ensure employee satisfaction.