Case Studies

Case Study: Comprehensive Solution for Premier Agency Data Environments

  • Victoria Robinson
  • May 21, 2023
Young businesswoman working with statistics charts on computer monitor


Our Federal Civilian customer faced the challenge of consolidating multiple data analytics environments across its enterprise into a unified shared service. The agency required a comprehensive solution that would streamline data management, enhance reporting capabilities, and provide users with self-service analytics tools. Additionally, the customer needed to ensure the security and compliance of its data environments while supporting the agency’s data governance efforts.


To address the agency’s challenges, Highlight, implemented a holistic approach to service management for the agency’s premier data environments. The team focused on three key areas: PDIRM (Data Integration and Repository Management System), D2D (Data to Decisions), and Business Objects-based business intelligence and reporting solutions.

For PDIRM, Highlight provided data integration and repository management, ensuring data quality, integrity, and control. The team operated and maintained the customers Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Framework, managed source system data, and developed Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes. They also supported the OBIEE/OAS environment, handling upgrades, patches, security requirements, and data modeling. We enhanced data quality, integrity, and control through the implementation of data integration and repository management processes in PDIRM.

In the D2D environment, Highlight supported thData Domain, which included multiple datasets and dashboards. The team managed ETL processes from various sources and supported datasets for corresponding dashboards. They also redeveloped and refactored the D2D portal from Drupal 7 to a more current version, implementing new security requirements and creating integrations with Aurora, Tableau, and MicroStrategy. We improved user experience and self-service analytics capabilities through the redevelopment and enhancement of the D2D portal

For Business Objects, Highlight provided operations and maintenance services, including data standards, system integration, business analytics, data services, and reporting. The team modified and added connections, ETLs, reports, dashboards, and data universes to meet the evolving needs of users. Highlight Increased flexibility and adaptability of business intelligence and reporting solutions in Business Objects, enabling users to access and analyze data more effectively.

Throughout the project, Highlight focused on service management, user support, and system enhancements. The team conducted vulnerability scanning, managed compliance, and supported Security Assessment and Authorization (A&A) to ensure a secure environment.


  • Database Management
  • Data Operations
  • Decision Intelligence
  • Data Governance and Strategy
  • Business Intelligence


The customer benefited from a streamlined and unified data analytics platform that improved data management, reporting, and self-service capabilities. Successful support for the agency data governance efforts included data discovery, metadata extraction, and maintenance of source system data dictionary artifacts. By consolidating its data analytics environments and partnering with Highlight for comprehensive service management, the customer achieved a more efficient, secure, and user-friendly data analytics platform. This empowered the agency to make data-driven decisions, improve operational efficiency, and better serve its stakeholders.