Case Studies

Case Study: Enhancing Grants Management and Outreach for Target Communities

  • Victoria Robinson
  • May 21, 2023
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Our Health and Human Services (HHS) client required efficiently managed and administered grants throughout the lifecycle process, necessitating streamlined support in various areas, including financial management, risk management, cost analysis, and project planning. Moreover, our customer needed to ensure that grantees receive adequate funds and support while maintaining compliance with legal guidelines and minimizing liability. Enhancing automated systems and engaging key stakeholders were also crucial for the success of the grant programs.


Highlight provides experienced grants and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for comprehensive support to HHS Stakeholders. We provide administrative and technical assistance throughout the grant lifecycle, from pre-award planning to post-award administration and project closeout. We assist our customer in completing the closeout process, generating Notices of Award (NOA), tracking funds, and providing guidance to ensure grantee compliance.

Highlight conducts audit and project management activities to ensure the timely resolution of audit findings, minimizing the risk of penalties against grantees while upholding the stewardship of agency funds. We also guide the development and enhancement of automated systems, virtual learning network, the Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center website, based on grantee feedback.

We prioritize stakeholder engagement and worked with tribal elders and counsel, holding consultations to discuss priorities and concerns regarding grant and acquisition programs. This approach ensured that community voices were heard and integrated into the decision-making process.

Highlight creates and delivers training and technical assistance programs focused on federal regulations, performance standards, and administrative procedures, equipping grantees with the necessary knowledge and tools. We also collaborate with industry partners, such as the National Indian Head Start Association (NIHSA), to identify community needs and maximize the impact of federal funds.

To support grantees, Highlight develops publications and tools, including the Quarterly newsletter and internal/external trackers. These resources aim to improve key mission success metrics, increase awareness, and facilitate best practice sharing among grantees


  • Full Lifecycle Grants Management
  • Pre-Award Planning and Administration
  • Post-Award Administration and Closeout
  • Administrative Assistance
  • Technical AssistanceĀ 
  • Funding Management and GuidanceĀ 
  • Project Management
  • Audit ManagementĀ 
  • Strategic Communication and Outreach


The agency realized improvements in grant management and administration for multiple regions. Grantee compliance increased, minimizing organization liability and ensuring proper use of funds. Audit findings were resolved in a timely manner, reducing the risk of penalties against grantees. Automated systems were enhanced based on grantee feedback and needs, while stakeholder engagement ensured the alignment of grant programs with community and early childhood needs.

The delivery of training and technical assistance programs, combined with collaboration with industry partners, led to the maximized impact of federal funds. Grantees benefited from improved awareness, compliance, and best practice sharing through the publications and tools provided by Highlight.