Case Studies

Case Study: Standing up Physical and Development Environment for Air Force Software Factory

  • Victoria Robinson
  • May 21, 2023


Our U.S. Air Force Software Factory customer provides key software factory function used for the development and delivery of solutions for some of the USAF’s most challenging problems – using experimental, cloud-based technologies and commercial best practices. The software factory was expanding and needed a new secure development facility and asset management of the toolchain licenses and configuration.


Highlight delivered a turnkey software environment providing all physical space, infrastructure, personnel, equipment, supplies, business and software tools, for personnel providing Agile development, Extreme Programming, DevSecOps, and Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) of software. Highlight worked with the USAF to lease a modern co-working space, built the network, procured computers and software (over $1M of software), and worked with USAF security to accredit the Experimentation Lab facility. This provided a paired programming environment solution with a maximum 350 workstations at full operational capacity. We delivered “DevSecOps environment as a service” where we are fully responsible for the outsourced development environment. Our engineers implemented, patched, monitored performance, and maintained the cloud-based toolchain used by development teams, that includes the latest DevSecOps and CI/CD tools.

Highlight worked with USAF to develop and implement a strategy for acquiring and preparing for new solutions for the software development environment and the toolchain  – performing the necessary actions to support the factory’s existing and evolving software integration needs in all environments (development, testing/staging, evaluation, resolution, and production) to support development, security, platform enablement, and business operations.  We streamlined the software procurement process and provided license management, annual renewal reporting, and software licenses renewals.


  • Software Factory
  • Asset Management
  • DevSecOps
  • ToolChain as a Service
  • Facilities Establishment and Management


This facility was one of the first, true modernization laboratories for DoD software development practices to ultimately deliver highly effective defect-free software from non-cleared USAF personnel to be integrated into a cleared TS/SCI system. Highlight provided not only the lab space, infrastructure, cloud hosting, and equipment, but also managed the CI/CD DevSecOps toolchain and provided agile coaching support to the lab program.