Investing in people, serving our nation

Who We Serve

Highlight has a diverse portfolio of 30+ prime contracts and task orders across 20+ agencies.


Teaming with us

Highlight works with a large number of teaming partners to deliver the best value, lowest risk solutions to our customers. We select teammates based on niche capability, customer experience, and work history. Highlight is a good teammate to our partners, whether we are the prime contractor or a subcontractor teammate.

  • We are trustworthy – we uphold our teaming agreements and contracts
  • We execute with a “One Team” approach
  • We are capable, responsive and apply our CMMI and ISO management practices
  • We have strong past performance and customer relationships
  • We are able to write to technical sections and are active participants in the proposal process

For More Information Contact: Adam McNair, Chief Operating Officer | Phone: 703-539-0425 | Email:

As a small business the contractor excels in every area. They are small enough to be efficient for the government’s sake, yet big enough to attract high quality professional[s]. Their work ethic is outstanding, and their products meet every requirement. They continue to be a solid asset to our organization.

Performance under this contract was exceptional. Not only did they meet the stated requirements, but they often exceed[ed] requirements. They were very professional at all times and driven to provide quality customer service…I would strongly recommend this contractor for similar types [of] work.

[Highlight provides] exceptional service for always delivering products before scheduled delivery date and [they do a] great job in follow up as well. They have consistently exceeded the schedule goals set by the division on several projects. Exceptional service in management. The work is always done on time and the efforts are divided equally among team members. The teamwork is incredible under great leadership.

The quality of services provided on this effort has been very good and has added positive value to the USG. Quality of the work greatly reduced the amount of time needed for edits and revisions. Professionalism and knowledge are represented in the support provided to internal and external customers.