Investing in people, serving our nation


Dan joined Highlight in December 2013 as an Environmental Programs manger, providing various support services to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) National Center for Environment Assessment. Some of the main tasks he focuses on include: information management, document production support, and scientific support. By collaborating with both the EPA and Highlight personnel, Dan ensures that the customer’s needs are met while ensuring that his team is ready to meet those needs by providing any support necessary to do so.

Originally from Monroe, Ohio, Dan earned his bachelors degree in Zoology from Miami University of Ohio in 1991, working soon after as a fisheries biologist and continued on in this field for several years after while advancing to a supervisor position. A strong believer in the EPA mission, Dan enjoys working at Highlight as, “I like being part of a larger team that I am proud to be associated with. The enthusiasm and high ethical standards are clearly apparent throughout the company. This tone is contagious and, in a positive way, encourages me and my staff to want to up our performance and better the service we provide to the EPA.”

In his free time Dan enjoys reading books, bicycling, going outdoors, and spending time with his friends and family. As a kid he wanted to be someone like Jacques Cousteau, a French naval officer and marine biologist.