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HighlightCast – Episode #1

On the very first episode of the HighlightCast, hosts Adam McNair and Kevin Long explain the structure of the podcast. Adam McNair is the Chief Operating Officer and Kevin Long is the Vice President for delivery at Highlight Technologies in Fairfax Virginia.

They both discuss how they are a part of the small business community supporting the federal government and will be talking about things that concern small businesses. They will be sharing insights and opinions on the show, talk about the challenges they face and strategies to overcome them, best practices in the business and share experiences that others can learn from.

The first topic they discuss is the Vanguard procurements that were supposed to come out 5-6 years ago. They discuss the CIO, John Striffer’s, conference held to discuss unifying central technology requirements. Adam recalls what happens when the procurements are actually executed and Kevin explains management challenges in terms of their execution.

They conclude the first episode with a chat about resumes, finding talent in the business and how important referral systems are in looking for the right individuals to work with.