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HighlightCast – Episode #2

On the second episode of the HighlightCast, hosts Adam McNair and Kevin Long, open up by discussing the purpose of the podcast; having another avenue to communicate with their employees, sharing insights on the latest news in the industry and some of the challenges faced by small businesses in the industry as well as innovative ways to overcome those challenges.

The first topic discussed is multiple award contracts and government wide contracts which have been done for a very long time. They mention Alliant 2, the former of which came out 5 or 6 years ago, and the GSA STARS programs. Adam discusses how there are three major vehicles that represent billions of dollars in federal contracts that are being adjudicated right now. They discuss the protests surrounding these contracts and how too many bidders make the whole process complicated.

They get into the whole self-scoring process that agencies do that is quite helpful as it saves you the work time as a company if you know that you are not in the running. It also makes protests much quicker to reduce.

The second topic that they discuss is security clearances and everything related to them. Adam mentions how security clearances are the most common topic discussed at the recent employee events he has been to and interviews he has conducted. Adam and Kevin then go on answering and elaborating on the most frequently asked questions. Such as, how long it takes to get a security clearance? Will clearance from a previous job transfer? What prep work needs to be done before filling out the SFAD 6 application form? How much does a security clearance cost? etc.