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HighlightCast – Episode #3

On the third episode of the HighlightCast, hosts Adam McNair and Kevin Long get together to talk about the end of the fiscal year and how things are, for the government and contactors, at this point.  Starting off, they discuss how things are so busy at the end of a fiscal year, as all companies are seeking to complete their budgets before the deadline. This period is termed as “Christmas Period” for contractors by Kevin. On the contrary, Adam explains how he doesn’t experience a noticeable surge in the amount of work during the same period, and how, for him, it is more event-dependent.

Moving forward, they discuss the different approaches companies and clients adopt towards dealing with the excess budget, at the end of a fiscal year, and how they cater to their needs. Kevin discusses his personal experiences with the startups he has worked with. Adam adds a few points regarding the management of a business and how one can stay a step ahead, in different aspects of a business, to keep the startup on the right path.