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HighlightCast – Episode #4

This episode of The HighlightCast brings another interesting perspective related to the business world. Anyone who has expertise in business growth knows the importance of location. A business’ location is more than just identity.

Hosts, Adam McNair and Kevin Long, begin with the example of a restaurant in a busy location and discuss the pros and cons of this. The best of locations can be harmful to a business’s profit in the long run. The concept is to be strategic about choosing a location.

Co-working Spaces
The episode proceeds to talk about the concept of co-working spaces. Over the years, many businesses have found co-working spaces to work out well for them. It is feasible in the sense that the resources become shared. This often saves the cost of some of the necessities that are required on a daily basis.

Every business needs a main location from where they can manage the day to day operations. It is also about autonomy and unique identity. Even with co-working spaces, it is possible to pair it with a nearby headquarters.

Shape and Space
The episode also talks about the ideal shape of a building that a business chooses as their location. For example, we have S-shaped and L-shaped buildings nowadays. On the other hand, the question is not just about how creative a building looks from the outside but how feasible the interiors are. This brings the episode to the topic of space. Space is not just about accommodating the number of employees that work for the business or the kind of traffic you expect. The space should, both in terms of area and shape, allow the employees to work around easily. This episode of the Highlight Cast is all about upsizing and upgrading your business in terms of location. It is a good listen if you are trying to figure out how to find the most strategic location and what kind of proposal to present.