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We build mission-critical applications that empower agencies to serve citizens better, faster.
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Faster, better, stronger apps. Unleash the power of your digital potential.

Elevate your agency's capabilities and enhance citizen services with our Application Services. We specialize in building mission-critical applications that empower agencies to serve citizens better and faster. Our Application Services are designed to meet the unique needs of the Federal Government, providing reusable software components that encapsulate common business functionality consumed by multiple applications.

Programming engineers analyzing html code

Our approach is rooted in industry best practices and a deep understanding of the public sector. We work closely with agencies to analyze their business domain, identify common capabilities and behaviors, and finally abstract the service into application elements with well-defined interfaces, promoting reuse and loose coupling into service-oriented architectures.

By partnering with Highlight, you gain access to a team of experts dedicated to your success. We supply and collaborate with architects, developers, and subject matter experts to design and implement Application Services that are scalable, resilient, and aligned with your goals. Our services are self-contained, can be separately deployed, and communicated through message-based integration, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in the face of changing requirements.

Experience the power of Application Services tailored to your goals. Partner with us and unlock new possibilities for innovation and efficiency in your agency's operations.

Application Services Solutions


  • Speed

    • Deliver citizen services faster: to meet mission-critical timelines.
    • Code at the speed of innovation: modernize, iterate, excel.
  • Cost

    • Slash software development costs: optimize budgets, maximize impact.
    • Agile teams, lean budgets: deliver more with less.
  • Quality

    • Secure, reliable apps for citizen trust: build what matters, build it right.
    • Zero-defect software, every time: data-driven decisions, flawless execution.


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