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Navigating the complexities of grants management and financial services with expertise and agility, ensuring funding goes further and maximizes impact for your beneficiaries.
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Leverage grants, optimize finances. Empower your mission, maximize impact.

As stewards of taxpayer funds, prudent financial management is imperative, yet antiquated systems and fragmented processes introduce risks and reporting burdens. This is where our Grants & Financial Services deliver immense value.

Shot of a group of businesspeople in a meeting at work

With over 15 years supporting federal, state and local agencies, our team brings proven expertise implementing enterprise end to end solutions that simplify financial and grant operations, payments, reimbursements, and regulatory compliance.

What sets us apart is how we tailor solutions to your existing ecosystems without risky rip-and-replace projects. Our configurability supports nuanced program parameters while our interoperability layers connect stakeholders through unified interfaces. Compliance safeguards are baked into system workflows allowing you to focus resources on advancing your mission instead of burdensome reporting.

We take care of the technology so you can focus on service delivery. Our grants management software centralizes pre-award processes from announcements to applicant review while systematizing post-award execution per unique grant requirements. Seamless integrations with core accounting systems and advanced analytics modernize financial reporting. We go beyond software implementation through change management guidance, training and user support. Our US-based teams become trusted partners in ensuring adoption, proficient use and ongoing optimization of financial systems.

In today’s complex financial landscape, manual accounting and disjointed tools will not cut it. Let us help you transform your operations through integrated, automated solutions purpose-built for public sector workloads. Our platforms can help agencies manage resources wisely, mitigate risks proactively and make data-driven decisions toward serving citizens better.


  • Speed

    • Streamlined workflows, faster processing: unlock resources, accelerate mission delivery.
    • Automated pre-award & post-award processes: reduce turnaround times, focus on impact.
  • Cost

    • Optimize expenses, minimize risk: maximize impact, ensure financial stability.
    • Data-driven oversight, prevent fraud: safeguard resources, build trust with stakeholders.
  • Quality

    • Accurate, consistent service across every stage: build trust, guarantee satisfaction.
    • Real-time data insights, informed decision-making: track progress, optimize grants for future success.


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