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Rapid Surge Response

Seamlessly scaling your mission's reach and impact, leveraging our expertise and resources to empower you to serve more citizens, farther, faster.
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Impact, multiplied. Reaching more, achieving more, together.

We understand the critical importance of mission-driven initiatives being to sustainably evolve and grow to meet mission objectives for Federal Government leaders. That's why we champion our Rapid Surge Response services, empowering agencies to seamlessly expand their reach and impact on citizens' lives. Our approach involves leveraging expertise and resources to enable you to serve more constituents, more efficiently and effectively.

Multi ethnic financiers having briefing at office room

Rapid Surge Response encapsulates the essence of rapidly adapting and growing in service of a higher purpose, vision, and core values. It begins with defining a clear and meaningful mission – the difference your agency aims to make in the world. This mission serves as the guiding force behind behaviors, investment priorities, and growth strategies. With our support, leadership can set a visionary "North Star" that maps the trajectory toward fulfilling the overarching mission over time. Core values underpin every decision and action, ensuring alignment with desired outcomes and fostering a culture of excellence and innovation.

We recognize that technology infrastructure and business processes are crucial enablers of rapid surge response. That's why we emphasize modular, API-connected technology and agile organizational structures that facilitate nimble responses to emerging opportunities and threats.

By partnering with Highlight, Federal Government leaders can accelerate their impact, reach, and value creation while staying true to their core purpose and ethical principles. Together, we can unlock new capacities and harness the power of collective effort to achieve shared success. Choose Highlight to leverage Rapid Surge Response capability to realize the full potential of your agency's mission.


  • Speed

    • Scale your mission instantly: national reach, lightning deployment.
    • Pre-built infrastructure, streamlined workflows: expand impact, not timelines.
  • Cost

    • Cost-effective scaling, optimized resources: maximize impact, not budgets.
    • Proven expertise eliminates scaling pitfalls: save time, avoid costly mistakes.
  • Quality

    • Proven expertise eliminates scaling pitfalls: save time, avoid costly mistakes.
    • Scalable quality, consistent excellence: deliver on your mission, every time.


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