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Zero Trust Architecture

Implement a "never trust, always verify" approach to security, minimizes attack surfaces and enhances access control for government agencies.
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No trust, but total control. Zero Trust, maximum security, optimized access.

Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) revolutionizes cybersecurity by mandating strict identity verification for every user and device attempting to access resources. At its core, ZTA assumes that networks are compromised by default and does not automatically trust anything inside or outside its perimeters, minimizing attack surfaces and enabling more granular control. Our implementation of ZTA includes granular micro segmentation, separating resources into secure zones with explicit access control policies, limiting lateral movement capabilities.

Young indian dating developer thinking how to track new events

With Highlight, you gain access to a comprehensive Zero Trust Architecture solution that includes strict access controls, multi-factor authentication (MFA), posture assessments for devices, and encryption for application traffic. We prioritize protecting credentials and secrets, monitoring user activity and network traffic, and implementing anomaly detection and containment routines.

Our approach to Zero Trust Architecture includes mapping resource connectivity and data flows for phased implementations in legacy environments, while newer environments benefit from out-of-the-box support in cloud and container environments. We continuously innovate, aiming for default deny policies with exception justifications, and leveraging technologies like passwordless authentication and cloud-based device policy enforcement for streamlined secure access.

Experience the transformative power of Zero Trust Architecture with us and ensure that your agency's resources are protected from cyber threats.Let’s start your journey towards a more secure and resilient cybersecurity posture, enabling you to navigate the evolving landscape of cyber threats with confidence.


  • Speed

    • Faster incident response, minimized damage: Zero Trust stops breaches in their tracks.
    • Agile access decisions, streamlined workflows: Secure access without unnecessary delays.
  • Cost

    • Reduced cyber risks, minimized attack surface: Secure your agency, save taxpayer dollars.
    • Phased implementation, lower upfront costs: Secure legacy systems efficiently.
  • Quality

    • Granular control, enhanced visibility: Protect critical data with precision and confidence.
    • Future-proof security, continuous innovation: Stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.

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