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Data Governance

Ensuring your data is managed responsibly, securely, and compliantly, meeting the strictest privacy standards.
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Data, secure and compliant. Trustworthy information, managed responsibly.

Ensure your agency's data is managed responsibly, securely, and compliantly with our Data Governance solutions. Our approach to Data Governance utilizes Agile practices to orchestrate tools, code, and infrastructure, delivering high-quality data with improved security.

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By choosing us, you gain access to a comprehensive Data Governance checklist that includes a centralized system to register data sources, discoverable data sources for authenticated users and/or groups, and actions to ensure sensitive data is encrypted and secure. We ensure that data managers have oversight into how data is being used, who is authorized with what access and role, and where sensitive data is located, with security measures in place.

Our Data Governance solutions ensure that data workers take the required data privacy training courses in accordance with government agency requirements and have only the access privileges their role requires. We ensure that data used for analytics prioritizes personal privacy, with PII always encrypted or hashed in an irreversible way.

Partner with us to create more secure and compliant data environment, empowering your agency to make informed decisions with confidence.


  • Speed

    • Empower faster, data-driven decisions: navigate complexity, act with confidence.
    • Streamline data workflows, maximize efficiency: insights in minutes, not months.
  • Cost

    • Optimize data resources, cut waste: maximize impact, minimize budgets.
    • Prevent costly data breaches, ensure ethical AI: build trust, save resources.
  • Quality

    • Reliable data fuels transparent governance: clarity and accountability at every step.
    • Build a data-literate workforce: informed decisions, empowered citizens.

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