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Data Operations

We help keep your data pipelines flowing smoothly and securely, so you can access the insights you need, when you need them.
The business lady standing between blue monitors in the dark office.

Data pipelines that flow smoothly. Reliable access to the insights you need.

Ensure your agency's data pipelines flow smoothly and securely with our Data Operations solutions, providing you with the insights you need, when you need them. Our approach to Data Operations is guided by our Agile ILLUMInate DataOps process, ensuring that decision-makers are in control of the Decision Intelligence development process.

The business lady standing between blue monitors in the dark office.

Our Data Operations solutions includes continuous improvement processes, ensuring that your data is accurate and reliable. We implement ILLUMInate into data workflows to test for data health, including completeness, expected value ranges, categorical levels, outliers, and expected data types.

By choosing Highlight, you gain access to a flexible and iterative process that operationalizes your organization's data repository, automating and streamlining the information gathering process. We take raw data, clean it, standardize it, integrate it, and automate it, preparing it for the volume, velocity, and variety of data consumed in today's digital landscape.

Our Data Operations ensure that your agency's data is managed efficiently and securely. Partner with us to begin your journey towards a more data-driven and effective organization and be empowered to make informed decisions with confidence.


  • Speed

    • Uncover insights at lightning speed: decisions ahead of the curve.
    • Turn data into action in minutes, not months: agility built in.
  • Cost

    • Data insights drive efficiency, optimize budgets, maximize ROI.
    • Automate pipelines, slash manual work: insights without breaking the bank.
  • Quality

    • Clean, reliable data fuels accurate insights: clarity as your foundation.
    • Actionable solutions built on robust analytics: every decision based on truth.

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