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Decision Intelligence

Turn actionable insights into decision advantage fueling smarter, faster decisions at the speed of need.
Using the intelligence of a laptop to interact with an artificial intelligence. Innovative automation technology.
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Navigate the data ocean with ease. Cut through the noise, make smarter choices.

Transform your agency's decision-making capabilities with Decision Intelligence, turning actionable insights into your decision advantage. Our approach prioritizes the generation of actionable insights from data, enabling leaders to make smarter, faster decisions that drive progress and benefit stakeholders.

Broker analyzing stock market investment revenue in coworking space

By choosing us, you gain a partner dedicated to helping you leverage Decision Intelligence to its fullest potential. We work closely with you to assess your organization's current state of Decision Intelligence, identifying opportunities for improvement and gathering requirements for the desired future state. Our approach aligns with the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act (Evidence Act), emphasizing collaboration and coordination to advance data and evidence-building functions in the federal government.

Our Digital Transformation Process provides a framework for ensuring a sustained, digitally transforming organization, with clear stakeholder involvement, defined gates, and traceable metrics. From strategy to execution, our Decision Intelligence capability delivers actionable insights to business or mission decision-makers, supported by a team of experts in Data Ops, data governance, strategy, and guidance.

Experience the power of Decision Intelligence with us and unlock new possibilities for your agency's decision-making. Partner with us and embark on a journey towards a more data-driven and effective organization, empowered to make well-informed decisions that deliver measurable results.


  • Speed

    • React to crises & opportunities instantly: data-driven decisions ahead of the curve.
    • Cut through data complexities, act swiftly: intelligence at your fingertips.
  • Cost

    • Optimize budgets, prioritize impact: data insights maximize taxpayer dollars.
    • Automate analyses, streamline operations: efficiency built in, not bought.
  • Quality

    • Confidently navigate policy choices: reliable data fuels transparent decisions.
    • Serve citizens effectively: actionable insights, measurable outcomes

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