Fairfax, VA – Highlight is the first company in the World to achieve the ISO/IEC 56002:2019 certification for Innovation Management.

ISO/IEC 56002:2019 is a brand-new standard for introducing innovation directly focused on business value tied to client goals and objectives. The standard also provides principles that may be considered when developing processes to implement, maintain, and continuously improve an organization’s innovation management system, and identifying and mitigating risks associated with innovation-related issues. Highlight invested time and resources to architect processes and enhance our service delivery practices, leading to our successful certification. As a new part of our HI-WAY™™ delivery model, our ISO 56002 certified techniques promise our clients a better focused innovation tied to their business goals and objectives.

To achieve this certification, an external audit was conducted by a third-party ISO registrar SRI, an internationally accredited registrar for ISO standards.

“Our motivation to deliver the right innovations for our clients drove us to be the first in the world to hold the ISO 56002 certification. This uniquely positions Highlight as your only certified innovation partner.” said COO Adam McNair.

About Highlight

For over ten years, Highlight has provided development and modernization, secure IT, and mission solutions for our U.S. federal government customers. Using our HI-WAY™ best practices framework, we design and deliver solutions that integrate current systems and procedures, address all stakeholders, and seamlessly advance the mission. Highlight is an award-winning woman-owned, ISO® 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 44001, ISO 56002 certified, CMMI-DEV Level 3 and CMMI-SVC Level 3 appraised small business that provides critical services to more than 20 U.S. federal government customers. For more information please visit www.highlighttech.com.