Digital Government

Mission-Focused IT Modernization

Highlight delivers innovative, forward-leaning technology solutions that support the expansion and modernization of federal government systems. Information Technology drives government missions forward every day. Software Development allows the government to address critical, complex problems to streamline operations, secure data, optimize stakeholder experiences, and more. 

Within the federal sector, there are unique challenges facing development and modernization such as legacy systems and processes, stakeholder buy-in, securing sensitive data, laws and regulations, and aligning with agency goals, processes, and acquisition and budget constraints. At Highlight, we are experts at working with our government clients to design and implement Digital Government solutions that transform, streamline, and improve experiences for our customers, citizens, and other stakeholders.

Highlight’s Digital Government Solutions include:

The Roadmap to Success

Our Digital Government solutions are driven by HI-WAY™, our best practices framework used to deliver customized, comprehensive solutions that produce positive mission outcomes. HI-WAY™ ensures we provide impactful innovation and implementation of software that aligns with our customers’ goals, budgets, timelines, and security requirements. These integrated best practices are tailored to the needs of each program, helping us minimize risk and maximize results for our government customers.