Highlight cares about your safety and the security of your personal information. Our Recruiters will never send an employment offer outside of our iCims recruiting platform, ask you to purchase equipment, or share banking information prior to onboarding. Our legitimate job ads posted to popular job boards will redirect you to; where you can submit your application with confidence. Should we feel that your qualifications meet our needs, we will reach out to you regarding your application. Thank you!

We Invest In You.

Imagine working for a company that is as passionate about their employees as they are their customers; a company that is fully invested in professional development and career growth; a company that really cares that their employees are happy in their jobs and their lives. That company is Highlight.

From the moment you walk through our doors we work with you to chart a career path and a development plan. Our highly experienced leadership team plays a hands-on role in helping you achieve your goals, through mentoring, investing in training and education, and through continuous recognition and rewards for career growth and achievements.

At Highlight, we want people that do much more than just check the boxes on a job description. We hire for talent, work ethic, and passion. Just as we are fully invested in our employees, our employees are fully invested in our mission to serve our customers and help our country be the best it can be.

What Our Employees Say…

This has been the best place I’ve ever worked… The CEO is amazing. She truly cares for us and is willing to hear everyone out.