Data Management

Make Better Decisions Faster

In today’s digital age, federal government agencies are collecting, storing, and accessing more data than at any point in history. It is imperative that agencies have the systems in place to appropriately analyze, store, and secure this data. By modernizing and managing data systems, Highlight turns data into the knowledge agencies need to make better decisions faster in support of their mission. 

We provide enterprise-level, data-centric solutions for stakeholders that optimize the organization, maintenance, and analysis of data. We unify data silos into consolidated data lakes and integrate and customize modern collection and analysis software to slice, dice, and visualize data. The result is a data management system that works for all stakeholders while ensuring security, controlled access, reliability, and transparency throughout the lifecycle. We have years of experience working with our federal government customers’ unique data environments delivering Data Management solutions to advance their mission.

Case Study

Federal Communications Commission

Highlight’s role was to support all internal stakeholders to ensure alignment of all IT programs and data capabilities align with the FCC strategic plan. We established management plans ensuring vendors and internal stakeholders met project objectives, ensured quality control across all systems, conducted all the financial management, and performed Program Risk Management.

We Follow the HI-WAY™

Our Data Management solutions are driven by HI-WAY™, our customer-centric best practices framework that guides how we deliver our services and ensures that we maintain collaboration and stakeholder engagement throughout the process. Effective Data Management involves managing complex business and technical requirements, data stewardship, and vendor relationship management. HI-WAY™ helps to manage the complexity and deliver data-driven knowledge to the right people, at the right time.