AI/ML & Automation

For Better Mission Outcomes

Automation enables our customers to streamline repetitive processes and tasks to drive efficiency and save time and resources. At Highlight, we utilize AI/ML and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), to advance our customers’ missions through a broad range of applications across government.

We use automation technologies, including Natural Language Processing, for call centers, websites, and help desks to improve the quality and speed of responses. Our strategic communications teams use machine learning to learn, model, and automate customer service responses to quickly provide users with accurate answers to common queries.

For security, our teams implement predictive monitoring of systems and software solutions to detect hacks, fraud, waste, and abuse and to provide automated responses based on that monitoring. We utilize AI/ML and Automation to support our customers’ onboarding and large-scale staff augmentation, from support of facility operations to security and utility usage.

We Follow the HI-WAY™

Our AI/ML and Automation solutions are driven by HI-WAY™, our customer-centric best practices framework that guides how we deliver our services and ensures innovation and collaboration. A key component of HI-WAY™ is our ISO® 56002 certification for Innovation Management, which focuses on providing continuous innovation tied to client goals and objectives. HI-WAY™ allows our customers to benefit from innovative emerging technologies using a practical framework that prioritizes value to the mission.