UI/UX & Web Services

Where UI and UX Meet

Today, the majority of interactions that people have with federal agencies is digital. Therefore, developing effective and informative digital experiences is critical because it drives access to information, applications, filing, and more. Highlight provides federal government agencies with User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) and Web Services based on human-centered design. We focus on the interaction between the user and their technology to make the experience more intuitive, more productive, and familiar. 

Our process begins with intensive research, gaining a complete understanding of the system’s users and roles. We conduct user research to understand how different user types utilize the current system, what tasks they need to complete, and what pain points they encounter along the way. From our research, we produce low-fidelity mock-up wireframes and click-throughs to conduct user testing. This allows users to evaluate the proposed experience prior to development, saving customers time, money, and resources. In development, we ensure the systems aligns with the agency brand guidelines, meets Section 508 compliance requirements, and is responsive across all devices. The Highlight team integrates user and stakeholder feedback at every step of the process to deliver the best user experience and design. 

Case Study

Delivering UI/UX for Internal and External Audiences

Highlight provided our customer User Interface and User Experience design to implement and deliver responsive, custom design layouts using cross-site publishing to provide a consistent look and feel. We utilize best practices for user centered design and UX heuristics research to perform user research, human-computer interaction analysis, wireframing and design, and prototyping to ensure the best user design and experience.

We Follow the HI-WAY™

Our UI/UX and Web Services solutions are driven by HI-WAY™, our customer-centric best practices framework that guides how we deliver our services. Our ISO® 44001 certification for Collaborative Business Relationship Management helps to ensure that all relevant stakeholders can effectively communicate and collaborate on our solutions. HI-WAY™ enables us to provide end users the best interface and experience possible.