Cloud Services

The Seamless Move

Federal agencies are increasingly moving to the cloud to realize benefits such as availability, reliability, scalability, and, when done correctly, affordability. A key challenge they face is that the federal government has missions, standards, and protocols markedly different from the commercial space. 

Cloud services teams must address unique stakeholders and business processes, security impact levels, privacy requirements, and any constraints of mission-critical legacy software and applications. At Highlight, we understand these challenges. Our team evaluates the mission goals, requirements, and environment to implement the best solution for our customers.

Our team enters every project with a vendor and solution agnostic approach because providing enterprise-level cloud services requires enterprise-level collaboration. We perform due diligence, make recommendations, facilitate agreement, and then implement the solution, from architecting and migrating to the cloud, to enabling and maintaining the full functionality needed to accomplish your mission. We follow agile methodologies to ensure the system’s compliance at every step of the process and ensure a streamlined transition to the cloud. At Highlight, we adhere to agency security requirements based on the Impact Level of the system or data and use FedRamp compliant tools and products.

Case Study

Managing Cloud Services across Classification Systems

For a Defense customer, Highlight develops and maintains the cloud data and user management to ensure accurate user access across unclassified, secret, and top secret classified systems. Highlight utilizes GOTS, COTS, and custom code solutions to ensure accurate data pulls from all areas and conglomerates of all data and reporting to one place.

We Follow the HI-WAY™

Our Cloud Services solutions are driven by HI-WAY™, our customer-centric best practices framework that guides how we deliver our services and ensures that we maintain collaboration and stakeholder engagement throughout the process. HI-WAY™ reduces risk and enables Highlight to deliver enterprise-wide transition to the cloud seamlessly and without business interruption.