International Development

Advancing the Mission

For over ten years, Highlight’s International Development solutions have supported the mission-readiness of our USAID customers. Our International Development experts bring decades of experience and expertise, and they are known and respected throughout the International Development community. Our team collaborates closely with our customers to support the policies and programs integral to USAID’s mission.

Program Support

Maximizing Impact

Our team helps prepare and implement programs for missions abroad. Based on USAID’s policy and programming guidance, we help provide NGOs and other aid organizations with grants and loans to implement programs that increase self-reliance and reduce the need for aid. Additionally, we travel to these missions to evaluate the performance and efficacy of these programs.


Ensuring Success

Based on USAID’s policies and program guidance, Highlight’s International Development training experts provide train-the-trainer support to local USAID training staff. Our team travels to missions worldwide to train aid providers on how to implement programs in accordance with current USAID guidelines.

Data Analytics and Visualization

Delivering Accountability

Working with the Acquisition Office, Highlight helps prepare the financial reports presented to Congress and the Administration each year. We deliver data analytics and visualizations to provide insight and accountability for the spending of taxpayer dollars.

At Highlight, we are extremely proud of the work we do to support the mission readiness of USAID, from policy and programs to training and accountability. We have seen first-hand the humanitarian impact these programs have on developing nations and impoverished communities. We know International Development impacts safety and security of our nation.

Case Study

Driving International Development Forward

Highlight guides the formation of development policy, strengthens policy integration, enhance effectiveness, reinforces the discipline throughout the Program Cycle. Highlight provides policy, program, communications, and technical support services and delivers full-time support staff with administrative, programmatic, and management experience.

We Follow the HI-WAY™

Our International Development solutions are driven by HI-WAY™ , our customer-centric best practices framework. HI-WAY™ guides how we deliver our services and ensures effective collaboration and stakeholder engagement throughout the process. This methodology helps Highlight support the policies and programs that are integral to the USAID mission.