Highlight Technologies (Highlight) is experienced implementing the requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, per the 1998 Amendments, and the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board’s Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standards at 36 CFR 1194. Highlight is committed to the principle of accessibility and will ensure that all of our work products meet Section 508 requirements.

Highlight has implemented Section 508 requirements for a number of Federal clients, including Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Department of Education, Department of State and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Below are Highlight’s proposed approaches for meeting the requirements of each selected Section 508 requirement.

Software Applications and Operating Systems (36 CFR 1194.21)

Highlight will configure applications such that they do not disrupt or disable activated features of other products that are identified as accessibility features. Highlight will not:

Web Based Intranet and Internet Information and Applications (36 CFR 1194.22)

Highlight will provide websites, training materials, and documents that have accessibility features turned on where possible and will provide alternate formats to users upon request. Highlight will:

Telecommunications Products (36 CFR 1194.23)

Highlight will resolve problems related to connectivity to adaptive telecommunications features such as TTY or a non-acoustic connection point for TTYs. Highlight will provide support for use of microphones to allow the user to intermix speech with TTY use. Highlight will support interconnection of voice mail, auto-attendant, interactive voice response, and caller identification telecommunications systems for TTY users with their TTYs.

Video and Multimedia Products (36 CFR 1194.24)

Highlight understands that all training and informational video and multimedia productions which support the agency’s mission, regardless of format, that contain speech or other audio information necessary for the comprehension of the content, shall be open or closed captioned. Highlight will support access to open or closed captioning of video and multimedia products including broadcast, cable, videotape, and DVD signals.

Desktop and Portable Computers (36 CFR 1194.26)

Highlight will support alternatives to touchscreens and touch-operated controls, as well as support of biometric identification mechanisms for those who do not possess those particular biological characteristics.

Information, Documentation and Support (36 CFR 1194.41)

Highlight will provide support documentation in alternate formats upon request, providing end user access to descriptions of accessibility and compatibility features, and providing support services to accommodate the communication needs of end users with disabilities.

Functional Performance Criteria (36 CFR 1194.31)

Highlight will make design and configuration decisions to provide functional capabilities to people with disabilities. Highlight will: