Three Ways to Restore Public Trust in Health Information

Public health information is now available in an instant to citizens, with both positive and negative consequences. This is an emerging challenge for public health leaders who must break through the noise of an ever-expanding digital landscape to educate and improve American lives. The importance of strategic communications – especially in the fight against misinformation […]

Federal Agencies Challenged (Again) to Improve the Customer and Citizen Experience

If you’ve interacted online with the government lately, chances are you were underwhelmed by the customer experience (CX). Presidential Executive Order 14058 hopes to change that perception, but government officials on the front lines of this initiative admit that there’s a lot to be done. President Biden’s backing is “a really exciting moment,” said Amir […]

National Preparedness Month: Prepare to Protect

Life is full of the unexpected. Some of the unexpected can be wonderous, uplifting surprises, while other times, they are strenuous and devastating. September is widely recognized as National Preparedness Month or NPM. This year’s theme is “Prepare to Protect. Preparing for disaster is protecting everyone you love.” With pandemics, hurricanes, wildfires, and more, we […]

Chatbots Gain Favor by Government Agencies

Chatbots are gaining favor by government agencies to improve service delivery. “Before COVID-19, a few leading governments were dabbling in chatbot technology, using AI to address common resident queries,” according to Government Technology, which only polled state, city, and county governments. “In 2021, it’s hard to imagine government doing the people’s business without them.” Federal […]


More and more across the federal space, we are seeing the investment in UI/UX expertise and the implementation in software and website development projects. UI/UX encompasses critical visual and functional design elements within development that caters to its users. We often hear the terms UI and UX design used synonymously. Most times, they are referred […]

Rebecca Andino, CEO on Highlight as an ESOP

Our team asked our CEO, Rebecca Andino, about why Highlight became an ESOP company. The ESOP will benefit Highlight and its employees in many ways. Listen or read this interview to hear Rebecca’s plans and goals with the ESOP. Highlight Marketing · Rebecca Andino, CEO on Highlight as an ESOP Transcript: Hi, I’m Rebecca Andino, […]

Network Monitoring at a Glance

Network monitoring is a process where networking elements, like routers, switches, firewalls, and servers are monitored for faulty performance. Some network monitoring systems are a simpler alert system, while others can have a much more graphical interface. While basic monitoring systems rely on an administrator to review results and act, there are also automated systems […]

Pushing Innovation Forward within the Public Sector

Public sector organizations recognize the imperative to modernize legacy systems, digitally transform, and improve constituent-facing and back-office processes. While all organizations need to innovate to achieve these goals, government innovators face different hurdles than the commercial sector. Most government organizations aren’t looking to create an industry-disrupting new technology or service; they’re looking for continuous improvement […]

6 Tips to Running an Efficient Help Desk

Behind every successful help desk is a group of hardworking agents committed to meeting customer needs and support the agency mission. To ensure an effective help desk, leaders need to consider all avenues to implement accessible, simple, fast, and scalable help desk services. A help desk is a ticketing system essential to any organization that […]

9 Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Event

The COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to in-person federal agency events, but one positive trend has been the quick adoption of virtual event platforms as viable alternatives. With virtual events, agencies could continue to retain, inform, and engage with target audiences. Virtual events will remain relevant long beyond the pandemic. If you are looking for […]

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

What is Mental Illness? May is Mental Health Awareness Month- a time to reflect on the emotional well-being of individuals, families, and communities. Nearly half of adults in the United States will experience mental illness at some point in their lifetime, and one in five adults in the United States currently live with long-term mental […]

Splunk into Data Management

Day-to-day data management becomes more vital to the technology infrastructure of organizations. As we build more applications, reimagine the architecture for established systems, and more, we are continuously seeking out tools to streamline development, increase security and reduce risk. Similar to many other topics, there are plenty of ways to achieve these goals. There are […]

Federal Agencies Must Start Chatbot Development Now to Reap Future Benefits

Chatbots, which use artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning to understand a visitor’s question or “intent,” can greatly improve customer service for federal agencies. But agencies lag in the adoption of chatbot technologies.  Chatbots are already providing more nuanced responses, 24/7, to customer/citizen inquiries than FAQs and simple keyword searches. But while private-sector adoption has moved swiftly, the public sector adoption rate is slower,” according to Chatbots Magazine.  “All organizations […]

A Pirate Finally Sets Sail!!!

The journey all started when my parents took me to a Jimmy Buffet concert in the Summer of 1989. I always have loved the water and swimming, but that summer the dream expanded into a desire to own and live on a sailboat. Fast forward 3 decades, 3 kids, and 1 Pandemic later and I decided “If […]

Utilizing CIO-SP3

Do you need Federal IT services for your agency? Unsure how to obtain services through CIO-SP3? In this article, you can learn more about how to utilize CIO-SP3 and the benefits. What is CIO-SP3?  CIO-SP3 Best in Class (BIC) Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) is a ten-year Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract managed by the NIH […]

Creating and Maintaining Access Controls

Information sharing continues to become more complex. We utilize information sharing every day to streamline operations in our organizations. We want our information to be accessible, secure, and sharable. However, some information is not for everyone’s eyes. The solution to this complex problem is Access Controls. Access controls secure, control, and manage information sharing with […]

Government Agencies Must Master Digital Citizen Engagement in 2021

Government agencies must continue to step up digital communications and outreach strategies in 2021, incorporating the breakthrough lessons learned in response to global pandemic challenges. Collectively, we’ve “vaulted five years forward in consumer and business digital adoption,” reports McKinsey Digital. Past engagement patterns are no longer the norm. Government communicators must respond in new ways to meet […]

Building Spaces and Culture for Innovation within Software Factories

When you think of traditional offices, your first image is of long rooms filled with people typing away in their isolated cubicles. When you imagine a government facility, you envision military bases or Federal buildings filled with people in uniform, strong security, and people following orders given by their chain of command. However, what do […]

Forget the Headache of Shared Drives – 5 Best Practices to Developing a Usable Data Repository

Have you ever spent more than 5 minutes searching for a team file? Have you ever lost access to a file someone else created? Have you ever wondered is there a better way to manage team knowledge? There are plenty of ways to store and share information. Teams must wrestle with the different options to […]

Highlight FDIC Team Participates in AARP Foundation Meal Pack Challenge

Highlight strives to make a positive impact by giving back to our community as much as possible. This year, one of Highlight’s cybersecurity teams participated in the AARP Foundation Meal Pack Challenge, providing food products to those who are stricken in poverty. Our Project Manager, Rozia Henson, discovered the AARP Challenge and eagerly took advantage […]

A 2020 Thank You

As we come to an end of 2020, on behalf of Highlight, I would like to take a moment to say “thank you” to our valued customers, employees, and business partners. As we all know, this has been a challenging year, and you have each helped us to respond and adapt. To our customers, thank […]

An Interview with Rebecca Andino, CEO of Highlight Technologies, for National Entrepreneurship Day

Greetings friends and colleagues! In honor of National Entrepreneurship Day, I am sharing a little about my own entrepreneurial experience, growing and developing Highlight. Congratulations and good luck to all my fellow entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs! Q: What were you doing when you decided to start Highlight? A: I was working full time at a large consulting firm. […]

Transitioning to Telework During COVID

Back in March 2020, millions of Americans transitioned to remote work. Working from the comfort of your own home almost sounds too good to be true and in certain aspects, it is. Many began working from home for the first time and had to learn how to cope with a whole new set of challenges. […]

6 Tips To Turn Your Internship Into A Job Offer

As the end of winter internship season quickly approaches, a looming sense of uncertainty exists—will the internship you snagged turn into full-time employment or will the job search resume in the spring? Much like those contemplating this time of year, I logically had to ask myself this question and examine the possibilities of stable employment. […]

COVID & Telework – What worked and what needed work….

Most of our company is currently working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Highlight has prepared and planned for remote work for years… but certainly not to this extent. As I write this in September, we’ve been working mostly remote for 6 months. There are a few programs with requirements or logistics that have required […]

Managing Remotely

Leading remote teams creates some unique challenges. This is especially true for those of us who work as consultants. Remote workers often don’t understand expectations and how to be extra vigilant about being accountable, according to Gallup. “Employees learn a lot about their expectations from context — and the less time they spend in the office, […]